Dog Stars​ 
Training and
Canine Education

 A modern approach to traditional dog training methods.

Dog Stars uses Bond-Based Choice Teaching® exclusively
with all clients and their dogs.

  1. Private In-Home Sessions
    Dogs learn best in their home environment. Therefore, dogs are most successful when in a comfortable locations.  We will come to your home or place of business and work with you and your dog, developing a customized program specific to your wants and needs. ​ Pricing 60 minute sessions are $150.00
  2. Phone and Skype Consultations
    If you are outside the Dog Stars service area, we are happy to work with you via phone or Skype.  We have clients from as far away as Dubai, and as close as Columbia, MO. ​ Pricing 30 minutes $30.00 60 Minutes  $60.00
  3. Therapy Dogs
    Dog Stars is associated with the Assistant Dog Alliance, a organization made up of service and therapy dog organizations, promoting ethical treatment of service and therapy dogs. 
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